At What Height Range Would You Consider a Manlet?

At What Height Range Would You Consider a Manlet

Does height matter? Has anyone ever called you a manlet, and you were left wondering what that means? There have been so many arguments and information going around, with people trying to give their definitions for a manlet. This is what has led us to come up with this content as we try to find out the specific height one would be termed a manlet.

Who is a Manlet?

The simplest definition of the term manlet is a small man who draws people’s attention with their small bodies. They usually pack excessive muscles, a factor that has led to many questions on whether a short man with no muscles can be considered a manlet. Figuring back from where this term came from, we find that it was generated by tall skinny guys who were jealous over the small guys. They always felt insecure that they had more muscles than them. It is from this that they started using their short height as a way of trying to make themselves feel better since they were not anywhere near aesthetically fit as the small guys.

By separating the term, we also get another definition that can help us get a better understanding of it. Concerning this, we get to understand the term is a combination of three words; “man,” “little,” and “midget.” The combinations of these terms originated from the bodybuilding forums to refer to men who were considered to be short by women.

What is the height range for a manlet?

Basing on the height limit, any adult male that is below the height of 6 feet or 183 cm is considered a manlet. This cut off, has left many people wondering since 5′9.5″ is the average or default height for males. Any male below this height is considered weak, inferior, and even less valued more so by women. It is from this that tall guys and women came up with the term manlet, which means a mediocre or valueless. From this cut-off, many men always like to be beyond this height limit.

This height limit has brought about a lot of arguments. One such argument is whether short men who have a proportional body still falls in the manlet category. Another one is whether a man who misses the cut-off limit with just a half an inch still falls in the category. To make it clear about this argument, there is no other limit other than the 6 feet height. Irrespective of whether you have a proportional body and you have not met the limit demand, you are a manlet.

Bottom Line

Regardless of how much you may hear people’s discussions about a manlet, the talks should not sway you away from your personality. The term is just a mere derogatory term to make smaller men feel insecure about themselves. The fact is they even look a lot easier and better than these tall skinny guys. It is from this argument that there is no need for anyone ever to use the term on anyone. Height is something you cannot personally control, and therefore, using it is an unneeded disrespect.

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