What is the Navy Federal Credit Union Routing Number?

Navy Federal Credit Union Routing Number

The Navy Federal Credit Union is among the leading credit unions in the world, serving about 7.5 million military members, as well as their families. It’s important to know Navy Federal Credit Union routing number if you currently bank with them, or you’re doing business with someone banking with them. Did you know that Navy Federal has a single routing number for all its branches and locations? Well, that’s true. And the number is 256074974. You don’t have to keep a list of routing numbers for its different branches.

What’s a Routing Number?

What is the Navy Federal Credit Union Routing Number

A routing number is also known as a bank transit routing number or ABA number. It’s a number the Federal Reserve assigns to a credit union or bank. All financial institutions have their own nine-digit code setting each individual institution apart from others.

You can find the Navy Federal Credit Union Routing number on the right side of the company’s website. The first four digits of the number are the Federal Reserve Processing Symbol since they identify the reserve’s regional and district location of the credit union. The next four determine the particular bank, in this case, the credit union. The final digit is known as the check digit and is generated by a special algorithm. It ensures that the entire routing number is actually valid before any transaction can be completed.

Can Banks Have Many Routing Numbers?

Financial institutions use routing numbers on electronic funds transfer requests and paper checks to know where to deposit or send the funds in question. While Navy Federal Credit Union has one routing number that it uses for all its transactions, other financial institutions use it with multiple branches in different states often use different routing numbers to identify them and their specific branches.

Routing Numbers for International Transfers

The only wiring information one needs for Navy Federal is its routing number. It uses one routing number for checks, direct deposits, and international wire transfers. On the other hand, other financial institutions choose to use separate routing numbers for wire transfers. It’s therefore important that you confirm with the specific credit union or bank before any transaction. The financial institution will tell you what its wire transfer routing number is in case it uses a different one from its official one.

For international wire transfers, you’ll sometimes require a swift code. This is a series of characters, usually eight to eleven of them, which include both letters and numbers. Although Navy Federal doesn’t use a swift code, other credit unions and banks do. As such, you don’t have to keep so many sets of numbers as it would be the case if Navy Federal had multiple routing numbers.

How to Know Your Navy Federal Credit Union Routing Number

As earlier stated, you can locate your Navy Federal routing number on its website. In addition, you can find it on deposit slips, your checking account’s checks, and the company’s app. The routing number is usually the first series of numbers at the bottom left corner of your deposit slips or checks. The second set identifies the account holder’s specific account number and the final set is their actual check number. Alternatively, you can also find your routing number by calling the Navy Federal’s phone number. Here, you’ll get to speak with their customer service representatives who are always available at any time of the day or night.

The Bottom Line

Before you carry out any financial transaction with a credit union or bank, you want to know the institution’s routing numbers for all branches. Fortunately for you, there’s only one Navy Federal credit union routing number for both domestic and international financial transactions.

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