Top 8 Alternative Sites like Putlocker

Top 8 Alternative Sites like Putlocker

The era of smartphones and the iPhone has made everything possible. Movies and TV series can now be watched by anyone, anywhere and anytime as long as there is access to the internet. The challenge is that such sites limit users due to the subscription fee that people are subjected to and sometimes only a few movies can be accessed. It is annoying and unfair to limit the level of fun enjoyed by users. With free movie streaming sites like Putlocker, users can enjoy a variety of movies for free. If you are looking for a site to make your day enjoyable, below are 8 alternative sites that offer free movie streaming services for you to choose from:


Top 8 Alternative Sites like Putlocker

It is considered the safest and convenient site for users. It offers fun while considering the safety of the customer. Like Putlocker, it is user-friendly and you do not need to create an account for you to watch a video. It includes both old and recent movies that appeal to all the age groups. It provide a huge list of videos to choose from making it very suitable and competitive site in the market. Movies sections are well- organized which makes it efficient when finding a TV series or movie. Additionally, it offers movies finding criteria such as most-watched, latest movies and old movies. From your search history, the site can recommend related videos for users. This is exactly the perfect application for you to experience more in entertainment.


Top 8 Alternative Sites like Putlocker

The site is incredibly amazing and well known and has been in the market for a while. It is one of the best alternative movies streaming sites in the market today. It has a list of predominantly old and classic movies and TV series and allows access to recent movies too. The advantage of this site is that you do not need to create an account for you to access the movies. All you need is to access the site and search for your movie of choice. It can be accessed on smartphones, iPhone and laptops at any time. Try the site today and you will never regret it.

Los Movies

Top 8 Alternative Sites like Putlocker

This site is awesome. It displays the most recent movies and the most-watched series on the homepage. Also, almost all the videos are available in HD version. The site is in English however, subtitles are available in other languages such as French, Chinese, and Germany which make the site suitable for users from different countries with knowledge of various languages. Another challenge users are likely to encounter is that when users allow an Ad-blocker in their system, chances are high that the Los Movies’ permanent video player could be blocked too. Otherwise, the site is user-friendly and provides a variety of options to watch.


It is another widely used movie platform, especially among the young generation. It has the latest and stylish interface, a feature that differentiates it with the other players in the markets and also appeals more to the young generation. It is possible for users to check various sections and movie types while at the same time search for their TV series of choices. You may experience challenges especially with the quality of the movies. Users are therefore advised to apply VPN connection to experience the best services offered by the site. There is also the tendency of Ads popping up frequently since Fmovies is a platform that is free. Users should be ready to put up with such issues.


Cmovies is yet another site for movies fun. Most recent and complete episodes of famous TV series and movies can be found here. It is fast and easy to use. You can access different types of movies from romance, drama, documentaries to fiction. 

Movie Watcher

The site is supported by both laptops and smartphones. It is fashionable with well- planned list of TV series. It allows for search criteria based on factors like genre, popularity, time of release and even actors. To enable easy use of the platform, the homepage and menu are well structured which allow viewers to access different categories mostly relating to recent movies, popular series or those categories in theatre performances. If you are looking for series under the three categories Movie Watcher is the place to go.


Just like Putlocker, Moonline offers a list of movies and TV series for users to select from, as well as allow one to filter out videos depending on needs. It hosts various genres of movies like comedy, Sci-fi, drama, fantasy and many others. This makes it suitable for a market with different tastes. It has the Replay Video Capture feature that allows users to capture and change already viewed videos. It is efficient and convenient for you.


The site shares a lot of similarities with Putlocker. It is absolutely free and allows users to access various categories of movies from classic to most recent series. It is considered the most easily and friendly site to use. The list contains movies of up to a year old available on the main page. Searching for a video should not give you any problem.

From the alternatives provided above, Putlocker is just an option to go for when looking for user-friendly and free online movie streaming sites to consider. It is important that you consider the safety of the platform by always using a VPN connection. Begin your search today and enjoy amazing movies in the entertainment industry.

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