What does “Cyka Blyat” Mean?

What does Cyka Blyat Mean_

“Cyka blyat” is a Russian curse word and vulgarity that has found its use among Russian gamers and some no-Russian who troll such gamers. There isn’t an exact English translation to “cyka blyat,” but it can be loosely translated to “bitch whore” or “fucking shit.” The English translation for “cyka” is “bitch”. On the other hand, “blyat” is a vulgarity that can be translated to “shit” or “bitch.” People use the two words together when they want to express anger. It’s more or less like the F-words in English. But wait a minute. Do curse words sound more fun in some languages? Well, it’s apparently so because of their popularity in casual social circles as compared to other words.

The Origin of “Cyka Blyat”

Cyka blyat” owes its wide use to a 2012 video game known as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or simply CS: GO. It’s a multi-player and first-person shooter game. It was released in August 2012 for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, OS X, and Windows and 2014 for Linux. 

In the game, two distinct teams are pitted against each other. One of the teams plays as the terrorists while the other plays as counter-terrorists. Both teams must completely eliminate the other and complete separation objectives. The terrorists will, in most cases, defend hostages or plant bombs. On the other hand, counter-terrorists must rescue hostages, defuse bombs, or prevent such bombs from being planted. The game has nine modes, each with distinct characteristics that make it unique from the rest. It has a matchmaking support feature allowing its various players to play on dedicated servers and community members to have their own servers where they can customize their game modes. 

The Spread of “Cyka Blyat”

The game has a big portion of its player base as Russian. It’s a common practice to use swear words in video games. The best part about CS: GO is that it allows players from multiple countries to use the same servers. The game relies heavily on communication and teamwork. So a Russian player refusing to speak English is likely to lose very quickly. The losing player may then decide to take their frustrations on their teammates in native Russian naughtiness: “cyka blyat!”

By the mid-2010s, “cyka blyat” had become a meme among the players of SC: GO because Russian players used it so frequently. Non-Russians among the CS: GO community would also use the phrase while they trolled their Russian counterparts. They would also use the phrase’s memes to stereotype poor Russian players who considered themselves so good that they saw no need of cooperating with their English-speaking counterparts. 

Use of “Cyka Blyat”

So, who uses the phrase “cyka blyat”? Well, this curse word remains quite a popular meme among CS: GO players. It’s often accompanied in memes by Russian images, most of which are stereotypical in nature. Some of these images could include Russian President Vladimir Putin or vodka. “Cyka blyat” has also found its way into other games such as STALKER, which have many Eastern European or Russian players.

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