What is YesBackpage & What are the YesBackpage Alternatives?

What is YesBackpage & What are the YesBackpage Alternatives

YesBackpage is a popular American classified website. It replaced an earlier version of itself known as Backpage.com. On YesBackpage, you can post free ads for anything possible. It’s also a platform that you can use to post classified ads, which are often divided into a number of categories. The site also separates such ads according to cities and regions. For example, if you live in Chicago, you can use YesBackpage Chicago. On YesBackpage, you’ll find an ad for virtually anything. But have you ever wondered what you’d resort to in case YesBackpage failed, or you’re unable to access it? Are there any alternatives? If any, what are the YesBackpage alternatives? Well, below are some of the best YesBackpage alternatives.

YesBackpage Alternatives

#1 eBay

ebay- a yesbackpage alternative
eBay Logo

eBay is an important web platform across the world, having done a commendable job in the classified sector for over 25 years. Since its founding in 1995, it has completely changed the direction of trade. It’s now commonly agreed that you can probably find just about any product you’re looking for on eBay. The company has achieved this and continues to be many people’s first choice mainly because it continues to renew itself and offers new opportunities to its users. This entails developing new sales and marketing platforms for both support and vendors to grow their businesses. eBay is, therefore, one of the best YesBackpage alternatives.

#2 Kijiji.ca

kijiji- a yesbackpage alternative
Kijiji Logo

This site provides Canadians with an easy way to buy, sell or trade. It also offers help to its users in the form of housing, goods, cars, services, and jobs. Kijiji also has tutorials, articles, and tips to help its users get the best experience. It boasts of about 16 million users per month. As a user, you get to meet new people from who you can learn about how to save or even earn money, hence supporting the economy in a unique way. You also get to benefit from the site’s tech support services. In addition, Kijiji is environmentally friendly and is a great way to recycle goods. The best part, you’ll never pay for anything before you see, touch, or even try it, hence making the site among the best YesBackpage alternatives.

#3 Gumtree.com

gumtree a yesbackpage alternative
Gumtree Logo

Gumtree is an establishment of eBay to serve European countries, especially the UK. Here, you can list or buy used items in any category. Established in March 2000, it had become the UK’s most popular platform by November 2010. You must register on the site to shop. The site has over 500,000 followers on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can find cars, real estate and jobs on the site where those who list can opt to advertise to bring their products to the front. It’s truly a YesBackpage alternative worth trying out.

#4 Craiglist.com

Craigslist a yesbackpage alternative
Craigslist Logo

Craigslist is known world over as an advertising site. Here, you can find anything, from used items to cars. You just have to be keen on where the ad is placed. It has a localized structure that can help you find cars, houses, and goods before reaching a location. In addition, Craiglist has is a great inspiration to many traders owing to its impressive design. It gives its users a rare opportunity to make money online. However, the site has been grappling with a scam over the years. It’s a great YesBackpage alternative. 

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