Why is Stairway to heaven Banned in Guitar Stores?

Why is Stairway to heaven Banned in Guitar Stores

Playing guitar is always fun. Anyone who has gotten to any of the guitar shops can tell confirm how people are always happy as they play their first demo. However, you will always find people complaining of having been given restrictions on the music they should play. This has been a major concern with many guitar fans as they never like the move. This has pushed us to try and find out the truth about these restrictions. In this article, we are going to base more on why is stairway to heaven banned in guitar stores?

Background to the stairway to heaven song

This song, “stairway to heaven,” is among the top-ranked rock song that is common to many people. It was produced in 1971 by the English rock band Led Zeppelin. The lead guitarist in the song was Jimmy Page and Robert Plant as the main singer.

Why is the rock so common? This song gained its popularity as it paved the way for the progressive rock era. It also has a complete clean intro guitar section and solo explaining why many guitar players like it. When it comes to its intro, it is one of the most iconic when played with a guitar. Expert guitar players say it has the best guitar riffs ever written a reason why all aspiring guitar players ultimately learn to play. As a result, the song became overplayed with people trying to test their new guitars.

So, is stairway to heaven banned in guitar stores?

To be precise, the music has not been banned in any way. You might even find warnings mounted on the walls, but the fact is no guitar store attendant will ever kick you out for playing the song. Unlike in the past, people are today more aware of the joke. Not once you will hear the song being played out there in the streets an explicit confirmation, there is never such a ban.

Where did the ban joke come from? The talks about the ban started back in 1992 through the movie Wayne’s World. The movie was a comedy featuring the fans of rock music who wanted to create public access to the commercial television. It is from the show that one-time Mike Myers started to play the intro, but the manager stopped him and stated it had been banned. It is from this scene 25 years ago that the joke began, and it is still ongoing.

Final thoughts

Whether a joke or not, the fact is the intro is one of the most overplayed in guitar stores but for a reason. As mentioned earlier, the intro features the most iconic tunes. It is also very easy to play, and its sound is super amazing. Its riff is also a fun as all it requires is the finger picking style, which is the best recommended for beginners. Therefore, to those who had doubts and questions about the ban, it is now clear that it is all but a joke in the guitar community.

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